World Power Products is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of locks, hinges, handles and locking systems for the electrical, electronic and switchboard panel manufacturing industry.

With continuous research, technical innovations and design we produce our range of hardware products on time and at reasonable prices.



Our range of locks include:

  • Square and triangle key drive panel and Din panel locks
  • Cylinder locking swing handle locks
  • Cam locks
  • Heavy duty sub-station locks
  • Mini lever and knob handle panel locks
  • Padlockable wingknob and square drive locks
  • Padlockable lever and swing handle lever lock
  • Three point locking systems consisting of various sizes



Our Handles include:

  • Various sizes of mild steel ‘U’ handles finished in chrome plating or powder coated
  • Heavy duty zinc alloy die-cast body with a stainless steel handle
  • Polyamide body with an aluminium handle



  • Zinc alloy die cast flush mounted butt hinges
  • Standard and heavy duty ‘T’ hinges
  • Various die-cast proud mounted external hinges
  • Internal concealed screw on hinges
  • Mild steel weld on internal hinges and hinge pins