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World Power Products reinvents to set the efficiency benchmark in sheet metal fabrication
May 6, 2016
South African owned manufacturer
Proudly 100% South African owned manufacturer – World Power Products
October 28, 2016

World Power Products is not only renowned for its industry leading custom-built work but also for providing a wide range of standard, in-house designed, off-the-shelf products manufactured locally to world-class quality and available at highly competitive prices.

This 100% South African-owned manufacturer is a specialist fabricator of high-precision sheet metal products for over 50 years and boasts extensive design, fabrication and finishing facilities at its Johannesburg south headquarters. World Power Products is the holding company for famous brand household names such as Contina, Mega, Ultimo and Chemopur. High-precision, custom-designed sheet metal products account for 70% of production with the balance focused on standard off-the-shelf mild steel and stainless steel cabinets, enclosures, storage systems, locks and hinges as well as perforated sheets manufactured for local and international electrical, electronic, telecommunications and IT equipment industries.

World Power Products Managing Director, Jan Görtzen emphasises that no standard product is a knock-off. “All our products are manufactured from original, innovative and unique in-house designs which are highly adaptable to offer customers and end users maximum versatility. The fact that our ‘home-grown’ products are available from an on-demand store presents customers and end-users with numerous advantages. For instance, immediate availability means no lead times and little downtime because you can literally get it now. Furthermore, buying direct from the manufacturer holds a distinct price advantage. Depending on volume, we, as the manufacturer, are in the favourable position of being able to negotiate on price.”

A long heritage resides in the company’s off-the shelf product line-up with the PB 1000 series of modular industrial cabinets and enclosures setting the industry standard. The basic cabinet module consists of 2mm mild steel profiles welded together by means of flanges to form a rigid unit. With ingress protection ratings of IP 54, IP 55 and IP 65 and available in a vast range of sizes, these cabinets are ideally suited for a wide range of electrical, electronic and telecommunications applications.

The PB 3000 fully adjustable robust 19” floor standing mount cabinets, specially designed to house 19” equipment, electronic modules and data modems, are manufactured to industry standard heights (12U to 47U) and in accordance with DIN 41494. With a standard protection rating of IP40 and manufactured for loads up to 600 kg, this series meets a wide range of requirements in the IT equipment industry.

World Power Products’ freestanding control desks conform to IP65 Ingress Protection Specifications and are suitable for electronic and electrical control systems. Twenty years of development has gone into the motor control centres (series?) which are/is? suitable for industrial and commercial applications, low and medium voltage motors, variable frequency drives, controllers as well as for metering. The control desks and motor control centres parts are constructed in 2mm mild steel.

The three world-class quality industrial enclosure ranges from World Power Products include the  the PB 3000 wall-mounted enclosure for housing 19” equipment, electronic modules and data link modems, the stainless steel Dolphin series, an ideal enclosure solution for smaller electric, hydraulic and pneumatic applications and the Perano Series, manufactured in mild steel suited for large applications.

Alongside improved productivity, World Power Products’ compact, modular, space-saving, storage systems can extend the service life of expensive tools and equipment. The efficient easy to see and access drawer storage can save up to 80% in space and as many as 100 items can be displayed at one time. The range includes rack storage units, draw storage cabinets, two door cabinets, mobile cabinets and tools trolleys and work benches.

“We are proud to be the only South African manufacturer to produce and sell our own line of locks and hinges under the in-house brand name Perano,” states Görtzen. Unique to SA, the Perano locks include key drive and DIN panel locks, swing handle, cam heavy-duty substation locks, padlockable wingknobs and various sized three-point locking systems. The range of handles comprises various sizes of mild steel ‘U’ handles in chrome plating or powder coated finishes, heavy duty zinc alloy die cast body with stainless steel handle and polyamide body with an aluminium handle. A wide range of hinges including zinc alloy die cast flush mounted butt hinges, standard and heavy duty ‘T’ hinges, various die-cast external hinges and internal concealed screw hinges complete the Perano range.

World Power Products supplies off-the-shelf perforated sheets used for screening, filtration and separation in the minerals, mining, water effluent treatment, catering, petroleum, beverage, bottling plants and agricultural industries. Standard high quality perforation sieves for the catering industry are also available. “We can supply both products with a variety of perforations including round, square and slotted,” elaborates Görtzen. The perforated sheets with perforated areas can also be supplied in special geometric shapes (trapezoidal, circular crowns) and with different plating finishes. Other perforations include decorative patterns for architectural purposes.

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